Upper Limb Anatomy in 7 Day

upper limb anatomy in 7 day (overview)

All Upper Limb Muscles and these Nerve Supply

Hand and Sole Muscles


All upper limb muscles and
these nerve supply

Hand and sole muscles

How to remember muscle
origin and insertion


All Nerve plexus (cervical, brachial,
lumbar, sacral plexus)

Brachial plexus - CHART

Erb’s Point & Erb’s palsy


Musculocutaneous Nerve

Axillary Nerve

Median Nerve

Ulnar Nerve

Radial Nerve

Winging of Scapula

Foot and Wrist Drop

Radial Nerve

Winging of Scapula


Flexor Retinaculum

Extensor Retinaculum

Cubital Fossa (boumdaries, content & clinicals)

Inter Muscular Space of Scapula : Quadraangular & Triangular

Anatomical Snuff Box

Axilla anatomy

Blood Supply

Whole Body Blood Supply (overall)

Sub Clavian Artery

Axillary Artery

Brachial Artery

Anastomosis Around Scapula (around body & acromian process)

Anastomosis Around Elbow Joint (recurrent & collateral anastomosis)

Venous drainage

Upper Limb Veins (basilic & cephalic vein)

Shoulder Joint

Bicipital Groove


Elbow Joint : CHART

Bicipital Groove

Shoulder Joint : CHART

3 bony point relationship

5 topics, 1 concept

Student’s Elbow

Pronation and supnation

Rotator cuff

Mammary Gland

Clavipectoral Fascia

Early Pregnancy Sign (montgomery tubercle)

Carrying Angle

Pulp Space of Finger

Pulp Space of Finger

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