Lower limb

Femoral triangle, sheath and canal

Chart Highlights- 1. Femoral triangle 2. Femoral sheath – It is divided into three compartment (Lateral, intermediate and lateral)3. Femoral canal – It is the medial compartment of femoral sheath.4. Femoral ring – It is the base of femoral canal.

Femoral nerve

Overview 1. Femoral nerve and it’s branches 2. Cutaneous nerve of thigh 3. Patellar plexus 4. Muscles of anterior compartment of thigh 5. Hip joint nerve supply 6. Knee joint nerve supply 7. Clinicals In lower limb anatomy we study five main nerves 1. Femoral nerve 2. Obturator nerve 3. Sciatic nerve 4. Tibial nerve …

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Femur Bone Chart

Hello Guy’s! I am Pawan nagar from TCML Team. In this article we will try to understand, How can we easily understand the femur bones (Side determination, external features, and attachment) and remember them for a long time. Here we are give an superficial idea to study femur bone and if you want to study …

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