Palmar arch

Chart Highlights- 1. Ulnar artery 2. Radial artery3. Superficial palmar arch4. Deep palmar arch5. Palmar metacarple artery 6. Common palmar digital artery 7. Proper palmar digital artery

Femoral nerve

Chart Highlights- Femoral nerve is divide into two division, anterior and posterior division. A. Anterior division- 1. Nerve to sartorius 2. Cutaneous nerve (medial and intermediate) B. Posterior division- 1. Rectus femoris (RF)2. Vastus medialis (VM)3. Vastus intermedius (VI)4. Vastus lateralis (VL)5. Saphenous nerve NOTE : All nerve to vastus (VL, VM, VI) supplies to …

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Femoral triangle, sheath and canal

Chart Highlights- 1. Femoral triangle 2. Femoral sheath – It is divided into three compartment (Lateral, intermediate and lateral)3. Femoral canal – It is the medial compartment of femoral sheath.4. Femoral ring – It is the base of femoral canal.